The Case

The case of The Grim Sleeper serial killer is both intriguing and terrifying. A man, as yet unidentified, has been murdering young black people in the south side of Los Angeles for at least 2o years. His first confirmed victim was 29 year old Debra Jackson who was shot twice with a .25 caliber handgun and dumped in an allay off West Gage Avenue, Los Angeles.

Exactly a year later in August 2006 another young black woman was found dead in an ally near West Vernon Avenue Los Angeles. She too had been shot twice in the chest and dumped beneath trash.

Only two days later the fully clothed body of 36 year old Thomas Steele was found dead, shot once in the head and dumped in the middle of an intersection at 71st Street and Halldale Avenue. Although the M.O was markedly different from the first two victims, ballistics evidence later confirmed that the same firearm was usedbin all three killings.

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Is it possible the killer possibly illegally sold his gun to someone else who then used this gun to kill the male victim?